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Triple Hair Group receives Health Canada approval to start Phase III clinical trials on its Therapy-07 prescription drug in Canada

Triple Hair Group Inc. (“Triple Hair” or the “Company”), a global leader in the development of innovative treatments for alopecia, is pleased to announce that it has received a No Objection Letter from Health Canada, allowing it to move forward with its Phase III clinical trials on its flagship prescription product Therapy-07 in Canada. The trials will be aimed at measuring the effectiveness of Therapy-07 on hair regrowth to treat androgenic alopecia. 


“This is a major step for Triple Hair, as it validates the quality of our clinical program and the results we have received to date from previous clinical studies,” said Jean-Philippe Gravel, President and CEO of Triple Hair. “It also confirms that our proposed Phase III program conforms to the rigorous regulatory process and rules set out by Health Canada. We are hopeful to receive similar approvals from other jurisdictions where we applied to start Phase III clinical trials, namely the U.S. and Europe. As soon as all approvals are obtained, we will eagerly start the trials.”


Alopecia is an underserved global market, valued at US $7.8 billion in 2021 and estimated to reach US $14.2 billion by 2028.




About Triple Hair

Triple Hair Group Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company specializing in developing innovative treatments for men and women suffering from alopecia. Its mission is to provide the underserved market with clinically proven and efficient prescription and over-the-counter treatments for hair regrowth.


The Company also sells its drug-free patented products for preventing hair loss and regaining hair density in mild to moderate cases of alopecia under the brands RIZNTM ( for men, and Plenty NaturalTM( for women. RIZNTM and Plenty NaturalTM allow hair loss sufferers in their early stages to access effective and natural hair growth solutions without a prescription easily.


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