Triple Hair Group announces the launch of RIZN™
Physician-developed medical hair growth products for men shown to be more effective than known brands.
Triple Hair Group, a Canadian biotechnology company specialized in the development of innovative treatments for alopecia, announces the launch of RIZN™

Triple Hair Group Inc., a company specializing in the development of innovative treatments for alopecia, is pleased to announce the launch of RIZNTM, a brand offering medical hair growth products for men.
“RIZNTM is the first commercial brand Triple Hair has launched, and we have been delighted by the success of our pre-launch activities.” said Jean-Philippe Gravel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Triple Hair.

“The RIZNTM Hair Density Spray is made of natural active ingredients that help to prevent and stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth. In our studies, this innovative product was found to be as effective as the most popular prescription products available on the market and more effective than leading natural hair growth products1. We are extremely proud to have launched a first-to-market product that will help men with alopecia, a condition that is estimated to affect nearly 20% of the world’s population.”
1 Source: Company internal studies and third-party studies.

Triple Hair is also currently working on:

  • The launch of Plenty NaturalTM, a new brand dedicated to hair growth and hair health for women.
  • The planning of Phase 3 clinical trial for Therapy-07, a very promising product against androgenic alopecia whose first clinical trial results demonstrate its potential to become the industry’s new gold standard.

RIZNTM Hair Complex and RIZNTM Hair Density Spray are presently available for purchase on the RIZNTM’s website at

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