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New Possibilities in Hair Loss Prescription Therapies

One problem, different causes, and many more solutions… with disappointing results. That’s one of the things that people experiencing hair loss become quickly aware of, when they start researching this issue. However, they might be surprised to learn that the science behind prescription hair loss treatments hasn’t really evolved in over 40 years and that therapeutic results are mixed. Not satisfied with his own hair growth results, Dr. Houfar Sekhavat decided to do something about it; he developed his own formula (TH07) in conjunction with Ford Pharmacy and founded Triple Hair. The advantage of TH07 in this market is that it combines three known hair loss solutions (finasteride 0.1%, latanoprost 0.03%, and minoxidil 5%) into one topical, patented formula, for the first time.


To demonstrate his concept on a wider scale, Triple Hair has run different studies, including one with 40 androgenic alopecia patients. After 4-6 months of use, 100% of participants who had received TH07 saw positive results including 52% who experienced dense regrowth and 30% who experienced moderate regrowth. Out of the patients who had instead received finasteride 0.1%, latanoprost 0.03%, or minoxidil 5% alone, none experienced dense regrowth and only 1 patient experienced moderate regrowth, with the finasteride. This study suggests that a combination treatment approach to hair loss (where different ingredients work synergistically) shows more promising results for a larger percentage of people. Another important benefit found by the study was that none of the patients experienced any systemic side effects with the topical triple combination formula.

More advancements are coming soon for TH07 and Triple Hair in general. The company is set to launch their telemedicine platform Hair Loss Rx Consult in August, which will make patented combination treatments available to the public. Individuals who are interested can sign up to the waiting list here. TH07 will also be undergoing its Phase III clinical trials in 2023.


Although women of child-bearing age cannot use products containing finasteride, that doesn’t mean that they are excluded from products that could help them. Triple Hair has also developed a drug-free spray and a vitamin/mineral supplement, under the brand name Plenty Natural for women and RIZN for men. This gives an over-the-counter, clinically-proven alternative for those who do not wish (or cannot use) products containing finasteride, latanoprost, and minoxidil.


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