First New Product for Hair Loss in 20 Years

TH07 is effective at stopping hair loss and gives moderate to dense re-growth.

  • No systemic side effects
  • Ingredients approved by Health Canada

Triple Hair Natural Product

TH16 is a synergy of two natural health products.

  • Topical route
  • Apply only once daily
  • Effective at stopping hair loss
  • Increases the number, thickness and pigmentation of hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about our Hair Regrowth products.

What are the important steps to follow when applying the NATURAL PRODUCT (TH16)?

The scalp must be completely dry before applying the product. 

Product must be applied rigorously EVERY night at least 45 minutes before bedtime. The product can stain your pillowcase. 

Shake bottle well before using. 

Apply the product directly on the scalp. It should be on the scalp for at least 6 hours in order to be more effective. 

 Part your hair where you are thinning. 

Apply sprays directly on the scalp. It is important to completely cover the area of your scalp where the hair loss is occurring. 

If you are experiencing thinning all over, you can use a ‘zig-zag’ pattern on the entire affected area. 

Gently and thoroughly massage the product throughout the affected areas (It is recommended that you wear disposable gloves). 

Be sure to wash your hands and or face to remove any excess liquid from the skin. 

Do not apply product to the scalp if the skin is red, inflamed, burned, sunburned, irritated, infected, broken or painful at touch. Itching or dryness, dermatitis (skin inflammation), eruption (breaking out), or if you suffer from erythema (redness of the skin). 

If you apply sunscreen on your scalp, it is best to wait two hours before applying your SPRAY (treatment). 

Avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer; if necessary, put blow dryer on a cool setting.

It is highly recommended to take pictures of your scalp or hair loss before starting treatment. The photos should be taken every two months in order to measure progress.

Are these products available for women and men?

The natural product (TH16) is available for women and men. The prescription product (TH07) is only available for men.

How long before seeing results?
For best results, how long should I keep the product on my scalp?
What happens when I stop using the product?
What if I miss applying the product for a day?
What are the possible side effects?

Dryness and irritation of the scalp. Propylene Glycol gives 10% localized skin reaction. One can try the shampoo based on ketoconazole (nizoral) and a light conditioner.

Change in hair colour can occur in people with light coloured hair. This problem may be reduced if the client protects his or her head when exposed to the sun.

Is it possible to apply the product in the morning and /or in the evening?
After one year of using the product, should I continue to apply it every day?
Can I combine this treatment with Minoxidil 5%?