Triple Hair Inc.

Triple Hair was incorporated in 2014. This company was created in order to carry out a study on the Triple Therapy for Androgenetic Alopecia Trial. 

The main shareholder of this company is Dr. Houfar Sekhavat.   He conceived the idea of combining specific molecules in order to have a positive result for patients who suffer from androgenic alopecia.  The other shareholders in Triple Hair Inc. are Dr. Peter Ford, Kathy Sarafian, Donna Steeves and Anne Leblanc.    

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat, MD.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat, MD., is an ophthalmologist and has been practising since 2005. He is an integral part of the Atlantic Vision Group and has conducted over 8000 intraocular surgeries since joining the team. He studied medicine at Sherbrooke University and completed his specialty at Laval University, both in the province of Quebec. He is interested in international medicine, having practiced in various countries. He is a member in good standing of various international medical societies and actively participates in their meetings. He is fluent in four languages and has an interest in the cosmetic industry. Dr. Sekhavat has considerable experience in various fields of research. He is the founder and principal investigator of Triple Hair.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Peter Ford

Peter Ford, Pharm D has been in business/practice for over 35 years.  In 1991, he opened Ford’s Family Pharmacy and Wellness Centre, an independent pharmacy in Moncton, NB.  He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, and his doctoral degree from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA in 2006. While practicing, he has developed 100’s of unique formulations to help individuals with their health conditions. He remains very active in practice and has worked with many universities across Canada.

He was acclaimed internationally with the ‘2001 Compounding Pharmacist of the Year’ industry award. He has been a guest speaker locally, nationally and internationally, has extensive experience in compounding and is well known in the Maritimes for his participation in various Canadian research projects.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Donna Steeves, MA

Donna Steeves, MA is the owner and CEO of Atlantic Vision Group in Moncton, NB. The Atlantic Vision Group clinic has provided leading eye care services in eastern Canada for nearly 20 years. Atlantic Vision Group continues to deliver the most comprehensive diagnostic eye care services in eastern Canada and is the largest eye care clinic east of Montreal.

Donna’s studies include her undergrad at McGill University followed by her Master’s Degree at the University of Toronto. Her experience in business management combined with creative organizational strategies and skills has provided the vision and leadership in several multi-million dollar businesses. Donna's combination of experience, energy and passion to succeed at every level has provided valuable support to Triple Hair's success thus far.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Jean-Philippe Gravel

Jean-Philippe Gravel, MBA, has over 14 years of experience in management and business development, having worked in key strategic roles for the medical, pharmaceutical and banking industries. Before joining Triple Hair as CEO, Mr. Gravel worked as Vice-President of Business Development for Capilia, one of the major players in hair loss prevention and hair loss correction in North America.

He also previously held the role of Marketing Director for Wampole, a division of JAMP Pharma Corporation and was responsible for the development and commercialization of 62 over-the-counter products. Prior to his five years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Gravel successfully managed different units and departments for Desjardins, the leading cooperative group in Canada. Mr. Gravel is a graduate of the executive MBA program from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Kathy Sarafian

Kathy Sarafian is the Managing Director of Drive Medical Canada; a private company headquartered in Port Washington, New York.  Drive Medical is one of the fastest growing global manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment in the home healthcare, medical/surgical and rehabilitation markets.

Prior to joining Drive Medical Canada, Kathy served for six years as the President of AMO Canada (Abbott Medical Optics, formerly known as Advanced Medical Optics), a subsidiary of a publicly traded multi-national corporation. Under Kathy’s leadership, AMO Canada became the fastest growing and most profitable subsidiary of AMO.  While at AMO, Kathy contributed significantly to the overall growth strategy of AMO and led the successful integration of two strategic acquisitions with Pfizer and Visx.  In addition, Kathy repositioned AMO within the Canadian marketplace and significantly enhanced AMO’s corporate image and branding. 

As a graduate of the Schulich honors business program Kathy was one of the two undergrads recruited by Procter & Gamble after 17 years. From P&G, she moved to the Ophthalmic and Vision Care industry by joining Bausch & Lomb and then spending 10 years with Allergan on a fast track career development, assuming many different management roles in Sales and Marketing. She was the Vision Care Business Unit Head at Allergan when the decision was made to parachute her into a new role to incorporate AMO Canada as a result of the spin-off of two Allergan divisions. Kathy serves as a strategic advisor to Triple Hair.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Anne LeBlanc, Ma Ed.

Anne LeBlanc, M. Ed., has devoted her time to freelance work after she worked in the field of municipal recreation for a period of nine years. She holds a Master’s degree in Education (career counseling). Since 1992, Anne has done work on a contractual basis in areas related to education, counseling and recreation. She held positions as a guidance counselor for a New Brunswick school district, at Éducacentre, an adult education center in Vancouver, BC, and for the N.B. Community College in Dieppe. She has worked as project manager in various fields and from November 2014 to March 2018 was project manager for the Triple Hair study.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat MD

Marianne Bourgeois

Marianne Bourgeois has been working as a research assistant for Triple Hair Inc. since 2013. She is a doctoral student in neuropsychology at the Université de Montréal and has extensive past experience as a research assistant. Marianne is the recipient of a number of scholarships that recognize academic excellence and community involvement. She completed her B.A at the Université de Moncton while working summers as the director of a camp for children with autism. Marianne is a dedicated and hard-working individual with a wide range of interests and experiences. 


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