Corporate Values


To become a world leader in the development of new molecules and to find new applications for existing molecules in order to improve patients’ quality of life.


To discover, develop and offer innovative therapies to patients from around the world thanks to the combination or the secondary use of existing molecules to meet unmet needs of the hair loss markets.

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat

Company Timeline

Development time of our company and our products

Dr. Houfar Sekhavat, an ophthalmologist based in Moncton who was suffering from Androgenic alopecia realized the psychological burden of his pathology. After having unsuccessfully tried finasteride, Minoxidil and a hair transplant, Dr. Sekhavat researched existing scientific literature in an effort to find the best combination of molecules and the approach that could stop hair loss and help with hair regrowth. As a result, he came up with the idea of combining three known molecules and to use the formulation topically once a day to help with hair growth.


Dr. Sekhavat then contacted Dr. Peter Ford and invited him to join this mission. Dr. Peter Ford and Dr. Houfar Sekhavat subsequently joined forces over the next few years and tried different dosages and concentrations with multiple different combinations. While using Triple Hair Therapy-07, Dr. Sekhavat’s hair growth showed impressive results.

The goal of this research was to help people suffering from Androgenic Alopecia to regain confidence in their appearance and hopefully be the first approved drug for hair loss in over 30 years.

Triple Hair developed two products to treat androgenetic alopecia: one is available with a prescription and the other is a natural product available over-the-counter. These products would be the first on the market since the release of Minoxidil in the late 1980s. Minoxidil is currently the gold standard for the topical treatment of hair loss. On the other hand, the latter brings its share of side effects and is only effective in 30 to 60 % of patients to stop hair loss and to help with hair regrowth. Triple Hair has different molecules for hair growth and owns multiple patents for these molecules.

The company was incorporated as Triple Hair in order to carry out a clinical study on the Triple Therapy for Androgenic Alopecia Trial. The founders had conceived the idea of combining several generic drug molecules to create a combination drug product that would stimulate significant hair growth in patients who suffer from androgenic alopecia.



A proof of concept (phase II) study was performed in 2015 in Dieppe (NB) to prove the efficiency of the synergy between three proprietary blend molecules in stopping hair loss, and increasing regrowth while making the hair thicker and darker. The results were impressive.

Triple Hair met with the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada with this proof of concept and was granted a Phase 3 approval conditional to scientific bridging and was given a road map to market.


The FDA approved Triple Hair for a phase III study under 505(b) 2 conditional to a successful bioavailability study. Also, this study will later become paramount in raising money for the phase 3 study.

An application for five orphan drug designations was sent to the FDA in December, 2016.

2015 to 2018

Thanks to a second combination molecule, Triple Hair developed a specific proprietary blend (natural health products) in topical form to grow hair. It has proved to be more efficient when compared to Minoxidil. Multiple clinical trials were run in Dieppe (NB) to determine the perfect concentration for this combination. Minoxidil is the only topical OTC (over-the-counter) drug on the market for hair loss at this time. This blend can help a lot of patients who don’t want to use anything chemical. This new blend is patent pending.

Triple Hair’s growth strategy is based on new products that have been shown to be superior to Minoxidil in new clinical trials. Triple Hair also intends to compete within the ‘Minoxidil’ market segment by registering a generic drug formulation of Minoxidil that also contains its innovative natural blend. According to drug regulations, these ingredients can be used as antioxidants and this will allow Triple Hair to conceal the strength of the ingredients within the formulation.

Triple Hair aims to be a leader in clinical research for the secondary use of drugs already on the market. Three other innovative molecules are being evaluated for a phase1-2 study.



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